Six Dimensions of Wellness

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Baptist Homes Society promotes a culture of person-centered wellness. It is deeply rooted in all we do. Our wellness philosophy centers around six components which spell out the word SPICES, because WELLNESS is the spice of life:  spiritual, physical, intellectual, community, emotional and social. We encourage all residents, staff and friends in the community to participate in various programs we offer that are directed toward achieving and maintaining optimum health and wellness.

Six Dimensions of Wellness:

Spiritual– to encourage one’s sense of life purpose and satisfaction.  To develop a strong sense of hope, faith, and connection while exploring one’s deepest personal values, ethics and the depth and expanse of life.

Physical- to provide an environment that encourages and supports a whole-person outlook on physical wellbeing, to promote  healthy behaviors and best practices of care, no matter what your fitness level or physical limitations.

Intellectual- to provide a brain healthy lifestyle including  lifelong learning and mentally stimulating opportunities for continued growth and well-being, especially as it relates to keeping memory sharp. To think creatively and rationally through a variety of familiar activities and while learning new skills.

Community to promote ongoing positive interactions between Baptist Homes Society and the community at large.

Emotional- to achieve a sense of peace and acceptance within one’s self that calls forth the best of self. To account for personal expectations, and perspective. To resiliently manage stress, success, failure and grief.

Social- to encourage positive relationships and interactions that will add to the enjoyment of life and bring hope and joy. To promote a sense of connection to others and to appreciate their differences.

Six Dimensions of Wellness

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Baptist Homes Society also operates Providence Point, a senior living community located in Scott Township. Amenities include a wellness center with indoor pool. Read More.

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