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Wellness is a high priority at Baptist Homes Society, and program participants frequently offer their appreciative comments. Fabiana Cheistwer, MS, EP, CWWPM, CWP, our Wellness Director, has quite a collection of testimonials. She welcomes your comments, too!

Here are some we'd like to share:

Baptist Homes' WELLNESS offerings are just what I needed. I moved in recently and have yet to be bored, with the yoga, tai chi, chair exercise and nutrition lectures, I never felt better and my brain works so healthfully!

I have learned that deep breathing is the key to my relaxation in our classes... this has given me an edge that helps me face the hardships of aging.

I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and variety of healthy eating topics Alicia, the Registered Dietician, covers in our monthly WELLNESS WEDNESDAY programs. The samples are excellent!

The Yoga class at Providence Point has increased my energy level to the point where I don't mind every day chores.

Making new friends at Providence Point and Baptist Homes has helped me sleep better, eat better and I have so much more fun in my every day life!

Relaxation class has allowed me to think more healthfully about what I should spend time worrying about and what I can let go of.

A much appreciated Providence Point staff member testimonial: 

What do you like most about exercising with Aileen at BH?

Toni knows just what to say and do to keep me motivated. She's an expert on working with those who have minor, or major, aches and pains too!

Name one benefit that living a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition has brought you? 

I actually learned to swim and be comfortable in the water.

Staff classes are cutting edge, I read about our Lunch and Learn topics in all the best newspapers and on line.

Through staff exercise classes I feel stronger and more stable going down stairs. I also am making great friends.

My energy has doubled and I need less coffee to get through the day!

Thanks so much to those staff members who support our weekly staff classes!